Thermal Protection

Thermal Protection (0)

When tasks being carried out require protection against extremes of temperature — hot and cold — our range of thermal protection is second to none. This specialist range of gloves has been designed to offer the wearer a high level of protection combined with comfort and dexterity.

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Cold (6)

Exposure of the skin to sub-freezing temperatures can lead to frostbite of the fingers which in severe cases requires amputation.
The Marigold® Industrial range of gloves in this section provide protection for those working in such temperatures. Check the EN511 rating to select the correct glove for your workers' environment.

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Hot (6)

For people who work in areas where heat is a risk then Marigold® Industrial gloves offer a range of gloves that can provide protection
against these hot conditions. Check the EN407 score as protection varies against Burning behaviour, contact heat and even molten metal droplets.

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