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Suretech™ Pharma N

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The glove is ideal for use in pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing.
Powder free non-latex,polychloroprene glove
Packaged in individually sealed pair packs
Gamma irradiation sterilized Unique Biogel® coating ensures the
gloves are comfortable to wear and aids donning
Packaged in a powder free controlled environment to minimise particulate contamination
Ideal for anyone sensitive to natural rubber latex proteins or glove chemicals.

Size Order code
6 M999989
6.5 M999990
7 M999991
7.5 M999992
8 M999993
8.5 M999994
Packaging: TU qty 50 pieces, 4 x TU per shipment carton
9 M999995
Packaging: TU qty 40 pieces, 4 x TU per shipment carton
Length 300 mm
Thickness (double wall) 0.42mm

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