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Ultrablade™ UB100

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The glove is ideal for use in meat preparation environments, abattoirs and butchers.
13 gauge glove containing
Dyneema® yarn, ambidextrous and seamless
Built-in AlphaSan® antimicrobial protection system
Provides the highest level of cut resistance
Non absorbent material makes it ideal for food processing
Blue colour for instant recognition on food lines
21 CFR (USA) and European compliant for food applications.


What is AlphaSan® ?
AlphaSan® antimicrobial additive contains silver ions and offers active protection against a wide range of micro-organisms at low use levels.
AlphaSan® antimicrobial additive will not vapourise or decompose during high temperature processing. Silver is well known as being safe for human contact and effective against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms that cause odour, discolouration, bio-fouling and other aesthetic problems.

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