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Fireblade™ FB JYD+

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The glove is ideal for engineering, automotive, refuse collection and steel industries.
Mediumweight 7 gauge 100% Kevlar® glove
The seamless construction eliminates irritation from seams
Reinforced leather patch over palm and fingers gives excellent puncture protection and oil grip Heat resistant up to 100ºC.


What is KEVLAR®?
Manufactured by DuPont, KEVLAR® is a lightweight para-aramid fibre with extraordinary strength and toughness. When used in Hand and Arm
Protective products KEVLAR® absorbs energy, resists cuts and abrasion, it provides exceptionally long wear life, heat resistance and dexterity for intricate jobs. Weight for weight, KEVLAR® is five times stronger than steel and provides a cut resistance up to five times higher than leather.

Size Order code
7 (S) FBJY07000
8 (M) FBJY08000
9 (L) FBJY09000
10 (XL) FBJY00000
Packaging: TU qty 12 pairs, 12 x TU per shipment carto

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