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This category is dedicated to gloves with the EN374 rating, providing protection against liquid chemicals as no glove exists which provides protection against all chemicals. It is vitally important that the glove providing the most effective protection against the chemical and the application is selected. As a general guide, Nitrile gloves provide the most effective protection against oil-based chemicals (solvents, oils and greases) whilst natural rubber latex gloves are suited to protect against water based chemicals (acids and alkalis).

Chemical Guidelines
Nitrile gloves are best used with oilbased chemicals such as solvents,
oils and greases. Exceptions to the rule are many, with halogenated hydrocarbon (containing the words chloro, fluoro, bromo, iodo) and
aromatic hydrocarbons (phenol,xyrene, toluene, benzene, and
derivatives) being the main
Nitrile gloves exposed to these exceptions will have low useful
times, often less than 30 minutes.Natural Rubber Latex and Nitrile gloves can be used with waterbased chemical solutions (aqueous solutions).
The useful time is generally long -up to 8 hours - with some exceptions. This is because the degradation score with solutions isgenerally low. Acids and alkalis fall into this category, although care must be taken when recommending gloves for concentrated acids, since these generally form the exceptions mentioned above. Gloves exposed to salt solutions (sodium chloride etc.), in general will have a long useful time.

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