About Us

Safety and Care Ltd, were appointed sole Distributors of Marigold/Comasec protective wear within East Africa and neighbouring countries in 2005. Subsequently, Comasec was sold to ANSELL and we had a short business relationship before we switched to ATLAS SAFETY PRODUCTS LLC, to represent them in E.A Region. Atlas represents many companies in this field and we thought it wise to deal with them to access all the different safety products in the market.

The above companies manufacture and deal in health and safety products; hand gloves, face masks, protective foot wear, ear plugs , CBRN suits among many other types of protective wear.

The objective of a safe working environment can't be over emphasized but it's worthy to note the benefits that come with this practice. When safety is adopted, injuries reduce and claims are prevented. The use of protective wear meets most of the preventative measures and result in profits by avoiding sickness related absenteeism, more productive workings hours due to healthy employees and the attainment of international safety standards as a result of developing a safety culture.

The product range of the protective wear can be found on our website www.safetyfirstkenya.com and for pricing, please call our telephone numbers as shown.

It's our desire to work with you and achieve safe working environmental standards by utilising the correct protective wear in the right places.

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